Warrior Spirit


As students its important that our training is consistent, we also need to develop more than simply the next technique. We have a duty to train to be strong in both mind and body and work to maintain our focus and strength throughout each week.

Here are some of the few things we look for when developing that “Warrior Sprirt” in our students at Premier:

GRIT. This is the perseverance, the will & toughness to push forward in spite of adversity. We encourage firmness of character within our students, an indomitable spirit and courage. Don’t forget that means mental toughness and perseverance too, not just physical strength.

BLACK BELT ATTITUDE. This can take many different versions of a definition, but often we are saying the same thing. A Black belt Attitude is polite, courteous, and respectful. Be on time. Be humble. The list often goes on.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN TRAINING. As a beginning white belt, the majority of responsibility to improve first sits on the instructor's shoulders along with their ability to teach. As the students advance though, responsibility should begin to shift to the student. They must be accountable to push themselves to continue to learn and to be increasingly better martial artists. They should take ownership of their journey, and not simply depend on their instructor to direct them. Introduce practice habits, goal setting and self-analysis.

When you focus on these three areas on and off the mat, you will begin to take pride and ownership of your training. you will begin to push boundaries and feel accomplished or satisfied in your training.