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The Premier Mat Sharks instructor team have been teaching kids since 1996 and worked with child development specialists and experts in child education, our teaching methods have been designed to ensure that children learn quickly and retain what they learn.

In addition to awesome martial arts and self protection skills, the Mat Sharks programme have monthly themes, including:
Self Discipline
Self Esteem

Finally, we recognise that in pre-teen years, peers become more and more influential. As a result of our emphasis on character development, parents regularly tell us that children in our programme are the kind of kids they want their kids to have as friends.

What is Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

children bjj ruislip

Mat Sharks Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Premier is THE BEST non-violent self defense for children and teens. Children learn throws, falling, controls, and at the older ages, submissions. In the day-to-day classes, we take punching & kicking out of the equation and focus mainly on grappling. Through demonstration, students learn a series of techniques each day. After thorough preparation, our students implement the new technique in a controlled and supervised environment. As we have removed dangerous punches and kicks from our training the more advanced students can spar during training sessions, increasing their proficiency in the sport. Kids of every age enjoy grappling and learning how to use their moves with their peers.


What to Expect on the First Day

children ruislip bjj

Many children (and some teens too!) may feel very reserved, nervous, and shy on their first day, as is the case with many new activities. There will be many new movements and positions that are completely foreign to them. It is completely natural to feel that way, but after a few minutes of instruction, participants are encouraged by the supportive environment and tend to relax. Our goal at the beginning of class is to make the warm-ups fast-paced and fun. We encourage every child join in, with or without the uniform, to get a feel for the class. Some children prefer to watch at first, which they are welcome to do. We do not require sparring or competition in the class, but most kids look forward to trying their new techniques. We end some classes with fun, cooperative games, which are always a hit with the kids.

Premier juniors winning World, National & English Gold

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